Bespoke Products

Fashion Footwear

Classy sophistication, heavenly comfort, and enduring value— we associate these qualities with haute couture. These too are the qualities you can expect from a pair of bespoke shoes lovingly crafted by the skilled artisans at A.J. Roldan.

Alfredo Roldan is a qualified Pedorthist Custom Maker (CPed CM Au) registered with the Australian Register of Pedorthist in specialised footwear and is qualified to give expert advice. This expertise ensures that your footwear is not only beautiful and comfortable but gives your feet the support they need.

We offer a variety of products individually designed to meet your specific needs. These include styles such as:

  • Boots
  • Hiking boots
  • Golf shoes
  • Bowling shoes
  • Dancing shoes
  • Fashion shoes
  • Formal Dress

Why choose a Bespoke Product?

Compelling reasons to invest and enjoy a pair of A.J. Roldan bespoke shoes include:

  • A truly personal fashion statement with real and unique class
  • Only the finest quality materials are used in our shoes—they are built to last
  • Work, play or lifestyle requirements for specialized footwear
  • Individualised comfort and fit
  • Value for money

As retail readymade shoes are designed for an average ideal foot and the may often contribute to discomfort & problems if your feet do not fit this mould. There are many reasons why your feet may not feel comfortable in readymade shoes, these include:

  • Bunions
  • Hammer toes
  • Fallen arches or high arches
  • Odd shapes & sizes
  • Very large or wide feet
  • Very small or narrow feet
  • Feet that are wide at the front & narrow at the heel

Bespoke footwear is custom made for you with the aim or ensuring maximum comfort, style and the colour of your choice.

Bespoke Footwear


Alfredo Roldan is a qualified Pedorthist Custom Maker (CPed CM Au), and is qualified to provide advice in MGF Footwear  and orthotic services and a member of PAA.

For Medical Professionals

Doctors, podiatrists and medical professionals, please note that appointments are essential. For your convenience, you can download and complete our referral form and required patient information as a pdf.

Please call us on (02) 9756 1970 if you require any further information.

Please also note that we provide hospital and home visits by prior arrangement only.

Referral Form for MGF Custom/Orhosis

Patient Information

Patients, please note that appointments are essential. Although referrals are not essential they could expedite your medical fund benefit. Check with your health fund provider. A.J. Roldan is a registered provider for all major health funds.

Please also take a moment to read our patient information document, which outlines what is required when attending your appointment.

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