Compression Garments and Socks

Compression Garments and Socks

A.J. Roldan offers a range of therapeutic compression garments and everyday socks to ease those tired, sore, aching legs and feet. Whether you suffer from lower limb issues related to diabetes or circulatory problems such as venous insufficiency, oedema or you may be at risk from flight related deep vein thrombosis, you can get help from our range of high quality compression garments and socks.

Compression garments work by applying gentle but effective pressure and encouraging blood circulation to provide relief for aching feet and legs while helping to prevent swelling.

A.J. Roldan stocks only high quality brands so you have peace of mind, cool comfort and fashionable products that you will want to wear with lasting quality when they are properly cared for.

Our range of compression garments and socks includes:

  • Sigvaris
  • Dr Comfort
  • Humphrey Law

Our specialist socks are designed to be worn with an ankle or foot orthosis, by amputees or by those having trouble finding the right fit.

It is important that you seek professional advice to find the most suitable compression product for your needs so contact A.J. Roldan for help or further information.

Compression Socks


Alfredo Roldan is a qualified Pedorthist Custom Maker (CPed CM Au), and is qualified to provide advice in compression socks and garments and is a member of PAA.

Sigvaris Arm SleevesSIGVARIS Armsleeves

The SIGVARIS ADVANCE Arm Sleeve is thermoregulatory, wicks moisture and is soft and comfortable and available in small, medium, large and extra large.

We also stock the SIGVARIS TRADITIONAL Arm Sleeve with or without mitten in small, medium, large. TRADITIONAL now available with a grip top.

The Easy Slide Applicator for arm sleeves is a great aid for to assist with donning and doffing.

Armsleeves assist with the treatment of lymphoedema and are a preventative measure for any patients who are flying or travelling long distances.

Sigvaris Ulcer X KitSIGVARIS Ulcer X Kit

Research has shown that for wound management, the SIGVARIS ULCER X Kit can be an effective treatment that is easier to use than bandaging, has shorter healing time, reduces pain, promotes compliance and does not compromise the wound dressing (The treatment of venous leg ulcers with a specially designed compression stocking kit.

The kit consists of one TRADITIONAL calf-stocking CCL 2 (23–32 mmHg) and two understockings (15-20 mmHg). Understockings are easy to put on and take off, and are available separately.

The wound dressing is also secure during the night thanks to the patented understocking. Our Easy Slide Applicator makes it easier to get on.

Aid for compression stockingsNew SIGVARIS SIMON Compression Stocking Aid

SIGVARIS has just released a new everyday aid for compression stockings. Patients can use the SIMON to don and doff stockings quickly, effortlessly and with little exertion and can be easily used by people with limited mobility.

SIMON is available in four sizes, which is measured from the widest circumference of the calf: X-small (25-29cm), Small (30-38cm), Medium (38-46cm) and Large (46-54cm).

For a free demonstration, please contact me on 02 9756 1970.

We also stock the Doff N Donner.

Sigvaris Rubber GlovesSIGVARIS Rubber Gloves

We recommend using rubber gloves to assist with donning and doffing of compression garments by patients, nurses and therapists.

Gloves provide the best grip, protect the stockings, make it easier to smooth them out and can be used in conjunction with any other compression garment aid.

SIGVARIS Rubber Gloves can be purchased in Small, Medium or Large.


Alfredo Roldan is a qualified Pedorthist Custom Maker (CPed CM Au), and is qualified to provide advice in compression socks and garments and is a member of PAA.

For Medical Professionals

Doctors, podiatrists and medical professionals, please note that appointments are essential. For your convenience, you can download and complete our referral form and required patient information as a pdf.

Please call us on (02) 9756 1970 if you require any further information.

Please also note that we provide hospital and home visits by prior arrangement only.

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Patient Information

Patients, please note that appointments are essential. Although referrals are not essential they could expedite your medical fund benefit. Check with your health fund provider. A.J. Roldan is a registered provider for all major health funds.

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