Custom Made Orthotics

Custom Made OrthoticsCustom Made Orthotics

Shin splints, knee, hip or lower back pain are frequently caused by feet or related gait issues. No two feet are the same and even slight disparities between leg lengths, foot arching, pronation or placement patterns can make all the difference between painless freedom and a painful and exhausting walking or running experience.

Perhaps you have tried some ready-made orthotics before but still the problem persists. Unfortunately, traditional orthotics, especially the cheaper ready-made general-purpose orthotics that you can buy in any sports store, can only provide limited benefit for some people. They do not take into account all the idiosyncrasies of your personal gait and leg and foot structure.

A.J. Roldan wants to help you put these painful problems behind you. Our modern scientific approach coupled with our expertise in creating beautifully crafted orthotics offers you the perfect result for your feet. We use the latest sophisticated gait analysis technology coupled with the expertise of our highly-trained and experienced technicians to identify the issues underlying your pain.

Our specialized gait analysis service includes:

  • Empirical gait analysis under the watchful eye of our expert Pedorthis whose personalised service can often detect problems which may otherwise go undetected.
  • Digitised gait analysis which uses detailed camera imagery coupled with analysis of the dynamics of your ambulatory style while walking or running to identify hidden issues.
  • Plantar pressure measurement evaluates and identifies abnormally high load bearing areas in your feet.

Our expert technicians will use this complex data to create the ultimate custom-made form-fitting orthotic for your personal and unique gait. The result: optimum performance and comfort.

Same Day Custom Made Orthotics


Alfredo Roldan is a qualified Pedorthist Custom Maker (CPed CM Au), and is qualified to provide advice in MGF Footwear  and orthotic services and a member of PAA.

For Medical Professionals

Doctors, podiatrists and medical professionals, please note that appointments are essential. For your convenience, you can download and complete our referral form and required patient information as a pdf.

Please call us on (02) 9756 1970 if you require any further information.

Please also note that we provide hospital and home visits by prior arrangement only.

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Patient Information

Patients, please note that appointments are essential. Although referrals are not essential they could expedite your medical fund benefit. Check with your health fund provider. A.J. Roldan is a registered provider for all major health funds.

Please also take a moment to read our patient information document, which outlines what is required when attending your appointment.

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